Bacon Jerky

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Bacon Jerky takes the delicious popularity of bacon and preserves it in a new style of jerky. Thicker than typical bacon, our gourmet bacon jerky uses triple thick slices, center cut for maximum impact. Using our secret sauces, long marinade times and intensely flavorful island spices, Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Bacon Jerky takes the combination of jerky and native flavors to a whole new level.
Luau BBQ
Step up the fun and excitement of your luau with some Luau BBQ Gourmet Bacon Jerky. This sensational BBQ flavor is one of a kind. Once you taste it, you’ll be hooked by the zesty and tangy essence of spices with the mild blend and kick  of mesquite.
Hana Honey Pepper
Take an adventurous ride with our Hana Honey Pepper Gourmet Bacon Jerky. It begins with a smooth honey taste and subtle hints of sweet island pineapple, with black pepper adding a little excitement for the long, windy road to Hana.
Tsunami Sriracha
Tsunami Sriracha Gourmet Bacon Jerky lives up to its name with a remarkably satisfying pineapple undertone complimented by a secretly crafted spicy recipe featuring a light Asian flair accented with island herbs.
Monsoon Maple
Maple + Bacon, case closed.