Our various exotic flavors, which are uniquely inspired by the mystique of Hawaii’s exotic elements, will tantalize your taste buds as powerfully as the islands refresh your senses.

Beef Jerky

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Beef Jerky is made from the finest cuts of brisket of beef. Saturated with flavor throughout, Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Beef Jerky provides a healthy, low-fat snack perfect for enjoying island flavors anywhere.

Turkey Jerky

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Turkey Jerky is made from soft, moist strips of tender turkey meat, packed with the inspired flavors of Hawaii.

Bacon Jerky

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Bacon Jerky uses triple thick slices, center cut for maximum impact. Our special sauces, long marinade times and intensely flavorful island spices, take the combination of jerky and native flavors to a whole new level.

Every day with Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky ends better.
Feel The Island. Taste The Island.