Turkey Jerky

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Turkey Jerky is the newest addition to the lineup of terrific tasting gourmet jerkies blended with sensational flavors inspired by the Islands. Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky is made from soft, moist strips of tender turkey meat, saturated with the inspired flavors of Hawaii.
Sunset Pineapple Teriyaki
Sunset Pineapple Teriyaki lives up to its name with a remarkably satisfying pineapple undertone complimented by a secretly crafted recipe featuring a light Asian flair accented with exotic herbs.
Volcanic Teriyaki
Volcanic Teriyaki’s sizzling hot flavor comes from a core of mild savory spices infused with the molten hot fire of chili peppers, flowing and mingling with the sweetness of island pineapples.
Ocean Breeze Original
The mild blend of delicious spices in Ocean Breeze Original flavor refreshes like the gentle wind. Lightly seasoned with black pepper and a touch of garlic, it’s the perfect companion treat for enjoying an island paradise.
Hurricane Jalapeño
Hurricane Jalapeño blends the sweetness of island sugar cane and the zesty spark of jalapeños creating a combination of sweet and spicy with a hint of garlic all swirled together with the potency of  a hurricane.