Feel The Island. Taste The Island.

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Healthy Snack, Great Taste

Great flavor in every last bite. How? We use house-made marinades that soak 24 hours. Other companies use spray on flavors (yuck!).

Our Story

Tiki Hawaiian Jerky

There is no place on earth like Hawaii, and there is no jerky on earth like Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky. Various exotic flavors, uniquely inspired by the mystique of Hawaii’s exotic elements, will tantalize your taste buds as powerfully as the islands refresh your senses. From glowing sunsets and gentle ocean breezes to the island’s amazing volcanic formations, Hawaii stands apart from all other island nations just as Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky stands apart from all other jerkies.

Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky tantalizes your taste buds. It’s like a piece of Hawaii in your mouth!

No Nitrates

No Nitrites

No Preservatives

No MSG Added

All products are:  1) Made in the USA, 2) Made in USDA Certified Facilities.

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The Tiki Tribe Has Spoken

“A Great Find”

“I found this Jerky while shopping at Walgreens in Hawaii and I must say – it’s the best I ever had.”



“So flavorful. I don’t know what to say, it’s so flavorful. I don’t know how they do it but it tastes amazing.”



“I keep a bag with me throughout day and even when I workout. It keeps me full and is the perfect snack.”


“Tastes Great”

“I’ve tried many jerkies and Tiki is the best tasting. I’ve tried all flavors and they are all intensely good.”


Every day with Tiki Hawaiian Gourmet Jerky ends better.
Feel The Island. Taste The Island.